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Novel treatments for varicose veins varicose veins

Further innovations

Many recent innovations are currently under evaluation as potential new methods to treat varicose veins in a painless way. Currently available treatments have some limitations, which can be overcome, but it is possible that newer methods may lead to less complexity in the management of varicose veins.

ClariVein® Saphenon VenaSeal


ClariVein® is a new endovascular technique for the treatment of venous reflux disease; the procedure was pioneered in the USA along with internationally recognised surgeons from different countries. This system uses a fine tube which is passed along the vein. A rotating wire roughens the inside of the vein and leads to destruction of the varicose vein.

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    • Safe and effective technique with no need for tumescent anesthesia
    • Eliminates the risk of nerve or skin damage or paresthesia from thermal energy
    • Excellent results by combining mechanical agitation and proven sclerosants
    • Ideally suited for treatment of the great or small saphenous veins
    • High patient comfort level and acceptance
    • No staining observed

    MOCA™ varicose vein treatment, using the patented ClariVein catheter combines two methods of action:

    • Mechanical agitation of the vessel endothelia by the rotating catheter tip
    • A sclerosant drug sprayed from the tip of the catheter, as it is pulled back to ensure maximum effect

    In this treatment, a rotating catheter is passed along the saphenous vein. As it is withdrawn, a sclerosing injection is introduced into the saphenous vein. ClariVein achieves occlusion of 90% of saphenous veins at 1 year, according to published studies. This is very similar to other minimally invasive methods. The conclusions reached so far are based on a limited number of clinical series, followed up for 1 – 2 years. Long-term efficacy is yet to be established. This is a promising technique, but it is not yet clear, whether it has advantages over foam sclerotherapy, which is technically less complex.

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Saphenon VenaSeal

Saphenon VenaSeal

In this treatment a catheter is passed along the saphenous vein and then withdrawn as drops of cyanoacrylate glue are deposited in the vein. The vein is compressed for a few seconds afterwards. This treatment results in immediate obliteration of the saphenous vein. Some cases of phlebitis have been reported afterwards. A few clinical trials of this system show that it produces lasting obliteration of treated veins. The veins are reabsorbed over a period of several months although the glue is retained permanently in the leg.

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